Bisque Info

All of our Bisque Beads and pendants are handmade by us. Due to the nature of Handmade, there will be always be slight size discrepancies.
Using Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain clay bodies.

In Addition to the  Bisque,

We offer beads and pendants fully fired and/or clear glazed.

 Fired to their top temperature and/or clear glazed, you will incur an additional 100% fee (per item). And an additional $10 production/firing fee.

Allow an additional 2 weeks to complete.
E-mail us for more details and to place your "2nd Fire" order.


 They can  be used for Regular glaze, PMC, Art Clay and Raku

 All of our pieces are smoothed and ready to be finished. No sanding is necessary!
All of our bisque is very durable.
Of course the most durable is the Off- white Cone 5 clay and the Porcelain.



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